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02nd July 2022

Tribute to Br. Ahmad Dusoye(1956-2022)

Among the believers are men true to what they promised Allah. Among them is he who has fulfilled his vow [to the death], and among them is he who awaits [his chance]. And they did not alter [the terms of their commitment] by any alteration (23) « [Al-Ahzab: 23]

Ahmad Dusoye, gained a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and a MSc Aeronautical Engineering from the University of London, UK and an MBA in Project Management from Cranfield University, Bedford, UK.

The creation of Mauritian Students Islamic Association( UK)
 As a student in the Seventies he worked hard to pay for his tuition and other expenses. While he was studying his Mechanical Engineering, he became an active member of the Mauritian Muslim Cultural Society,UK (MMCS) and was a volunteer for their weekend madrassa. He modernised the Islamic syllabus and encouraged those who completed their Islamic studies to become volunteer teachers at the madrassa. The system worked very well, many students who are todays Engineers, IT Specialists, Pharmacists and other Professionals were also madrassa teachers. During a conference of Federation of Students Islamic Societies (FOSIS), Br. Mosadeq Shahebdin who represented the Students Islamic Movement of Mauritius (SIM), met with Ahmad Dusoye in UK in 1979. A collaboration was established and subsequently Ahmad Dusoye founded the Mauritian Students Islamic Association, UK (MSIA) with Saad Diljore, Ismat and Shawqat Kathrada, Nasullah Neetoo, Ismael Soodin, Rafick Jughoo and many others. 

The MSIA galvanised the young Mauritian Muslim Community by organising Islamic conferences and other activities. They invited a number of renowned scholars, such as Sheikh Sayed Mutawalli ad-Darsh of Islamic Cultural Centre, Regent Mosque, London, Dr. Majid Katme, Dr. Zakaria Basheer and many others. MSIA partnered with SIM to become their UK arm of the organisation and participated in many SIM projects by donating money for an Islamic Press and other activities. They also welcomed new Mauritian students or anyone recommended by SIM.

During his studies, Ahmad Dusoye was involved in research at the University of London. His research was focussed on practical experience in Air Transport Engineering and Management with British Airways at Hatton Cross and British Airtours at Gatwick Airport. He was also working with City and Guilds of London Institute. 

After Ahmad Dusoye completed his studies, he could have chosen a career in the Airlines Industry, however he decided that his passion was in teaching and education and therefore joined Edexcel, a British multinational and education and examining body in the UK, in the hopes of forming future Engineers. He later became a Project Manager with Pearson Education when they bought Edexcel, until he retired in 2019.

Ahmad Dusoye as a Daee

When Ahmad Dusoye moved from London to Dustable, UK with his family, he became involved with the young generation at Medina Mosque, Luton which is run by United Kingdom Islamic Mission (UKIM). Most of the Islamic activities, along with the Friday Khutbah  was run in the Urdu language as the majority of the attendees were elders from the Pakistani community. Ahmad Dusoye, with the help of some young Pakistani brothers such as Brothers Zafar, Iqbal and Zahid Chohan together with the approval of the mosque Management began to give the Friday Khutbah in the English language. They also set up Islamic programmes in English, this attracted the youth to the mosque where they became very active in the community.

In 1985 Ahmad Dusoye became a founding member of the Islamic Society of Mauritius, UK.(SIMUK) The main objectives of the organisation was to help Muslims in Education and Dawah activities. Ahmad acted as a Consultant for Islamic activities in Burundi and was also helping and advising a full time Dae’e, Br. Hussein Selamani in Burundi.

In 1995 Ahmad Dusoye and myself were the initiators of Prof. Tariq Ramadan’s first visit to Mauritius which was followed by several further visits later.

Also in 1995, Ahmad Dusoye with the help of Anwar Cara and Imran Pondor set up a blue print for the Islamic Institute of Education and Training , Mauritius. Even though he spent his entire adult life in the UK he shared a lot of concerns for the welfare of Muslims in Mauritius. He had a number of proposals such as offering accredited courses in Mauritius. The initial agreement was obtained with the University of Wales and a reformation of the Madrassa system in Mauritius. Unfortunately, these two projects never materialised due to lack of vision and man power in Mauritius.

In 1996 Ahmad, together with the help of Brother Zafar, established a temporary Radio Ramadan station in Luton and the surrounding areas which ran for the 30 days of Ramadan. The Ramadan show was so successful that it evolved to become a full time twenty four hour broadcast radio station known as ‘Inspire FM’ which is still broadcasting to this day.

In 2000 Ahmad Dusoye was also very active in securing a full scholarship from Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE) Leicestershire, UK. A number of Mauritian students benefited from the scholarship with eight students completing their Masters and three students also completing their PhD.

In 2005 Ahmad Dusoye founded the Council for Islamic Education and Dawah UK (CIED), with a group of likeminded Mauritian Muslim brothers, with the aim of helping the Muslim community in the field of Education. The CIED was also able to finance Islamic Dawah tours to Mauritius and finance the visit of Mauritian visitors to the UK, in order for them to attend training and leadership programmes. CIED also fully funded a Scholarship at MIHE, which was attributed to a Mauritian student who went on to successfully complete her Master’s degree.
 As an active Dae’e, Ahmad brought his Project Management skills to his Islamic work and projects. He was very much an avant-garde in his perception and method of work. As an experienced Project Manager in his career with Pearson Education, he was in charge of projects that cost millions and it was his responsibility to deliver and his responsibility to explain any failure to deliver. Comparing the ethics and morality of a business organisation to an Islamic organisation, I once recall him telling me that “in Islamic organisations, we spend millions on projects, however if we fail, we do not appear to be answerable to anyone”.

Between 2002-2004 Ahmad became a Shura Member of the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) and also the local President of ISB Luton. 

Ahmad Dusoye an Islamic Consultant

Ahmad Dusoye gave a number of Islamic talks and training and was also delegated by the International Islamic Federation of Students Organisation (IIFSO), as a training facilitator. He also acted for a short period as a Consultant for the International Institute of Islamic Thought USA (IIIT USA) and had been instrumental in the launching of the Islamic NGO the Human Welfare League (HWL) in 2016 and was active as a Consultant until his untimely demise.

Ahmad Dusoye was also among the team to help the Caribbean Muslim Network (CMN) with Dr. Riza Mohamed. He participated in the workshops and conferences organised in Trinidad by CMN.  He was also part of the team on the previously named Transformational Youth Leadership Training Programme (TYLTP) and was part of the organising committee of the first TYPL online programme delivered by Prof. Dr. Rafick Beekun which attracted over 5000 participants around the world in 2020.

Ahmad Dusoye, will be remember for his hard work , dedication and professionalism. He motivated many people for good causes. He was very humble and always ready to help. He always listened to others point of view and was ready to compromise his views for the good running of the organisation

May Allah forgive him and grant him Jannatul-Firdos and Patience to his family
 Ahmad Dusoye is survived by his beloved wife Afeeza, son Rizwan, daughter Sameera  ,

 son-in-law Khalid Hosany and grandson Aaryan  Hosany.

Anwar Cara 

Tribute around the World


1 “Assalaamu ‘alaykum wr wb.

Learnt with deep sorrow the sad demise of Br Ahmad Dusoye. May Allah grant him Jannat-ul-Firdaus!

 Please convey sympathy and condolences to his family.”




Cassam Uteem 

President of the Republic of Mauritius (1992-2002)

Office of the Former President 


2. “Please convey my personal and family condolences to his family. May Allah grant him Jannat Al Firdaus.He was a great brother and has done a lot for the service of Islam. Please convey my salaams and best wishes to the extended family.”

Dr.Ahmad Totonji, (Founding member of International Institute of Islamic Thought, ( IIIT) Washington, USA)   Istanbul, Turkey

Dr. Hisham Altalib, President of IIIT, USA

Dr. Ahmed Alwani Vice-President of IIIT, USA

Dr. Omar Kasule, Riyad, Saudi-Arabia

Dr. Toufic Awji, Lebanon

Dr. Anas Al-Sheikh-Ali, London, UK

Dr. Beddy Ebnou, Bruxelles, Belgium

Hasan Altalib, USA

Mohammad Totonji, Saudi-Arabia,

Dr. Ilham Nasser, IIIT,USA

And the IIIT family

3. May Allah grant him an abode in Jannat al Firdaus and ease it upon his family and dear ones.

Anas Chandoo, Mauritius

4. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. Such a sweet smart and dedicated brother. May Allah swt forgive him, accept his deeds and bless him with JANNAH UL FIRDAUS. Condelences to his family.

Prof. Dr. Khalil Elahee, Mauritius

5. “ Innalilahi wa inna ilayhi Raj’ioun. May Allah swt forgive him and grant him Jannatul-Firdos. He was an example of kindness and he was softspoken” 

Shenaz Atchia, Mauritius

6. Inna lillahi wainna ilayhi raajirun. May Allah (SWT) accept his good deeds forgive his shortcomings and grant him a high place in Jannatul Firdaws.Ameen. My sincere condolences to his family . May Allah (SWT) grant them patience.

Zaid Ozeer, President of HWL

7. “ Oh what a sad news! Inna lilahi wa Inna ilaihi Rajioon. May Allah swt forgive him and grant him Jannatul Firdous.May Allah give Sabr to his family. Ameen.Br. Ahmad showed so much profesionalism in his work while he was always humble... was an example to me while I was in the UK. May Allh SWT show Mercy on him.”'

Dr.Salma Sairally, Mauritius

8. “I had the priveledge of meeting Ahmad.He was truly wonderful muslim who cared for Allah’s people and Deen.”

Asim Abdullah, Lecturer , University of West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago

9. “ Inna lilahi wa Inna ilaihi Rajioon... My Alllah accept from him his good deeds. Forgive his shortcomings and have mercy on him. May Allah grant his family comfort and patience at this trying time.”

Zainab Abdullah, United Nation, Office, Trinidad & Tobago                                                                 

10. “May God have Mercy on our brother Ahmed. Forgive hs sins and englarged his grave. Bring us together with him in Paradise of Eternity in a life where there is no sadness after joy and no disease after health and may Allah preserve us all in faith until we meet him.” 

Khalid , Martinique

11. “Alhamdoulillah, may Allah multiply his good deeds. An examplary figure for us, muslims to use the God-given talents and trust Allah’s plan to make this world a better place to live. I do not know whether I would be favoured like him, not only by his academically achieved career, but most particularly by the favour of the angel of death taking your soul on a Friday. No azaab for him in the grave! May Allah grant us same.”

Nur Khan Juhoor, Mauritius

12. “Inna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi rajoun. Br Ahmad will remembered for his dedication at MCS both by the pupils and the parents. May Allah forgive his sins and gives him Jannat ul Firdaus and thefamily sabr.”

Eshan Osman, London, UK

13.“It is with sadness that I learnt of the passing on of Brother Ahmad Dusoye. He was a lover of Din al-Islam and was involved in a number of dedicated services for the cause of Islam. He will be missed, but his efforts in this Dunya will reap for him umtine rewards in the Akhirah. May Allah bless this noble son of Islam with Jannat al Firdaws and his family with sabr jamil, amin.”

Prof. Emiritus, Abul Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim, Durban, South Africa.
14.“I did not have many interactions with him. I met with him on a few occasions. These were constructive moments never the less they were pleasent moments
 When I think of brother Ahmad, thoughts come to my mind like : calm, outspoken however anything but loud, vibration of determination and sincerity.On reading his bio in the message of his passing away I realized this is in.line with the image he printed on me.Due to his modesty I wouldnt suspect this enormous contribution to islam and humanity.
 The family has every right to be proud of such a son brother father husband.May his record serve as consolation to them. May he rest in peace.May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him Jannah Firdaus”

Abubakar Gaspar , Suriname
15.“Allahummag Firlahu War Hamhu Wa Sakkinhu Fil Jannah”
“Sad news to hear one of the sons of Islam passing away.I did know him, but through the PDF sent by Bai Anwar Cara it’s quite impressive.
Activists of Islam are a rare breed and do turn great tides,may Allah Ta’ala accepts his noble efforts.
May Allah forgive and grant him Jannatul Firdous and Sabrun Jameel to Dear and loved ones.”

Muhammad Salim Bhayat, Leicester , United Kingdom, 20/June/2022

16“Please accept our deepest condolences.Our love goes out to you.May Ahmad Dusoye found rest. May Allah grant him Jannatul Firdose.Never forget, you have friends who love you.We shall always pray for you.Dealing with loss is never easy.I hope you know we are here for you.You are in our thoughts and prayers.May you find peace, sabr and courage”.

Nazlee Cara, Mardwiyyah Buxoo and Jihad Buxoo., Ontario, Canada

17“Assalamualaikum. My condolences to his family. Doa that they get patience and perseverance in this difficult time. We shall all return to Him the Creator. May Allah bless his soul. Ameen”.

Kazi Mahmood, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

18.“Assalamualaikum Anwar. I have not known bhai Ahmad personally. The best thing I can do is ask Allah to forgive his sins, grant him a good place in Jannah and sabr to the family. I think this is what marhoums need most”.

Shameem Kathrada-Issack,Mauritius

19.“It is with a great deal of sorrow that I learned about the sad demise of our Brother “Ahmad Dusoye” who passed away.While sharing the pain and sorrow, I would like to express my heartfelt Condolence to the rest of the family.May Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful grant him Jannat”.

Yousouf N. Jhuboo, Mauritius

20.“I have known br Ahmad since a very long time. He was a very good brother and his character was amazing. He was always cool and listened very carefully before he spoke. He was a true professional and was always ready to help! May Allah grant him Jannat al Firdaus!” 

Dr. Hussein Rassool, Mauritius
21. O Allah, you love to forgive. Grant your forgiveness to our brother Ahmad Dusoye. What an honorable brother in Islam! May his station be elevated among those who are guided. O Lord of the worlds, enlarge for him his grave and shed light upon him in it. Give all those who miss him a beautiful consolation. May the deeds of this brother keep on increasing from the noble May Allah Azza wa Djal forgive is shortcomings, give strength and sabr to his relatives and bless him with Jannatul Firdaus.Ameen.Work he has left behind him. May the whole family be reunited in the gardens of al-Firdaws al-A‘la.”

Oummé Rouman Ramjan, Mauritius
22.‘Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return’
 In this sorrowful time, we would like to extend to brother Ahmed’s family our heartfelt condolences. May the Almighty grant him the highest peak of Jannah, forgive his shortcomings and give you all the fortitude to bear this great loss. Ameen.

Illahibaccus Family, Mauritius.

23“Uncle anwar. I pray you’re well.
 This is a lovely thing you are doing and our Ustadh be Ahmad is certainly worthy of this.
 Uncle Ahmad Dusoye’ will always have a special place in my heart He was my teacher from the age of 11-18 at woodberry down mcs madrassa for thr mauritian and wider community and was an inspiration for me to eventually become a teacher myself. His immense knowledge and teaching style gave his students a thirst for knowledge. He was particularly interested in developing Tarbiya programmes which consisted developing character and maintaining a strong bond with each other and the community. He encouraged us to teach the youngsters and have us positions of responsibility with the mcs madrassa which kept us upon our Deen He has inspired us to set up our own madrasss in St Albans with fellow pupil and friend Omar Kareem. What a wonderful legacy and sadaqah jariyah for him. He was a role model for me and will I will be eternally greatful. May Allah swt grant him the highest level in Jannah”                                                  

Juneid Sayyadhossen, United Kingdom

24“I recall his positive attitude and willingness to collaborate and support team members. He was very kind, cheerful, and observed Islamic etiquettes and manners in his interaction.Ina lilah wa ina ilihi rajioon”  

Obay al Talib, Director of Publication, IIIT, Washington , USA


10th March 2021

Report for Webinar on The Islamic Finance.


6th March 2021

HWL organised an award ceremony at the seat of ICC, Port Louis.


HWL is participating in the Youth Camp at Darul Maarif from 30th of November to 11th of December 2020. Br. Abdurraheem Joomye conducting a workshop on Islamization of Knowledge on 3rd of December 2020

Doha Secondary School, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Human Welfare League at its office situated at Eau Coulee , Curepipe , on the motor way side. The meeting was fixed for 1.30pm.on 15th September 2020.
The Doha schools comprise also a Primary school and the curriculum contains both secular and Islamic subjects. A tertiary section targeting students of Arabic has been added recently.
Doha Secondary School was represented by its Manager, Mr Sadek Ally Polin, holder of a diploma in Arabic and Islamic studies, University of Riad and a diploma in Aeronautic Operational Management, Singapour.
The Human Welfare League was represented by its President, Zaid Ozeer.
Both parties signed the M.O.U. and agreed to collaborate in the field of Islamisation of Knowledge. The Doha administration will help HWL in its Research Grant Programme by encouraging its Staff to participate in research and its students to take part in the Annual Essay Competition organized by HWL. The School staff may also benefit from Training, workshops by visiting professors and even scholarships under the Malaysian programme.
The Doha Secondary School will also support HWL initiatives in producing Educational Packs or Text book in Islamic Studies for Form 1 to 3 and School Certificate.

On 15TH Sept 2020, Dar ul Ma’arif Institute of Education(popularly known as Darul Ma’arif) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Human Welfare League at the school’s office at Octave Adam Street, Eau Coulee, Curepipe. The meeting was scheduled for 11.00 am.
Darul Ma’arif caters for both Primary and Secondary education and its curriculum contains both Islamic and secular subjects. The Institute was represented by its President and Director, Sheikh Cehl Mohammad Fakeemeeah, a graduate in Shari’a from the University of Ummul Qura, Makka, and Mr Saad Buxoo, Finance Officer, holding a Masters in Islamic Finance and Development, Markfield Institute of Higher Education cum Leicestershire University, UK.

On 31st August 2020 The Malaysian Consortium of Education Mauritius (MCEM), signed an M.O.U with Human Welfare League.
MCEM director,Mr Pritesh Bissonauth and Mr Fayaz Doomun, Officer in Charge of Arabic and Islamic Studies Department welcomed HWL President, Zaid Ozeer at MCEM office at Belle Rose, Quatre Bornes. After a short briefing of HWL activities and exchange of views both sides agreed to collaborate for the promotion of Arabic language and Islamic Studies.

MCEM offers its final year of study in Malaysia with its partners, UUM, UMT and UNISZA.
HWL can offer scholarships to qualified students as well as arrange for qualified academics to visit and organize lectures in Arabic and Islamic studies at the MCEM institution.

On 11th July 2020 Y.K. BUSINESS SCHOOL signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Human Welfare League at the seat of the University in Highlands.
Y.K.Business School, an offshoot of Mancosa University and partner of Regent Business Schools, South Africa was represented by its Director Prof. Rechad Jaumally and his collaborators,Sadek Futloo, programme Director, Principal Rashid Phul and Research Director Yasin Sheik Fakir Saheb.
Human Welfare League was represented by Associate Prof. Cader Kalla, Chairman of the Academic Board and its President, Zaid Ozeer.
Both parties agreed to collaborate in the promotion of higher education in the field of research training and publication especially through the Research Grants and scholarships and workshop programmes by visiting Professors, offered by HWL for the empowerment of both Staffs and students of higher learning.

July 2020

Following contacts made by Br Anwar Cara with Dr Abdourazak of Institut Culturel et Social Al-Ghazali( ICSAL-GHAZALI) in early March 2020, a Cooperation Agreement was signed by the President that organization ,Mr Suleman Garda, with the Human Welfare League(HWL) on the 13th March. Subsequently HWL projects of Research Grants ,Book Translation and Conference/workshops were proposed and it was decided to focus on the Research Projects to start with.

The Research Proposals will be published in the papers on the eve of which an interview on satellite tv  MATV  of Canalsat  will be diffused.

Meantime an Academic Committee has been set up and the members are all university teachers including  representatives of the Ministry of Education,  Majunga University and of Antananarivo University. The Academic Committee will vet and choose the best proposals.

Members of the Academic Committee are :

  • Mourad EUSTRASIOU (President Majunga Chamber of Commerce)
  • Dr Abdourazak MDAHOMA (Islamic Preacher & Director of ICSA)
  • Dr Habib NOURALY (Head Xray Dept, Manarapentra Hospital,Majunga,University teacher & member of President’s Office, Majunga University)
  • Mr Todoarivo ( Representative, Ministry of Education)
  • Representative University Antananarivo (to be confirmed)

June 2020

The Human Welfare League ( HWL), has played an important role in the organisation and marketing of this event worldwide. HWL is one of the partners with Caribbean Muslim Network for promote the Masterclass.
We have more than 75 countries worldwide and over 5000 participants. There are over 90 participants from Mauritius alone.
The Master Class has been well attended and an E-Learning platform for the Masterclass allowed participants to add their Comments and impression:

Humaira Tarsoo from Mauritius:
Dr Ahmed Totonji takes a soft approach to leadership and this pushes the listener to try and understand the deeper message rather than focus on individual terms. Some key lessons he talks about were the need for collaboration among Muslims, leading by example, balancing career and volunteering for Islam. In addition, he says that starting small can lead to big changes through a multiplier effect and we should not just do good deeds for those who deserve it, but also for those who do not. That’s how Islam spread and changed people.

February 2020

Anwar Cara, Chairman of HWL, author of two children book. He was giving a lesson on his book “The 5. Pillars of Islam".

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IIIT Conference

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Leadership and Management

Session 1: The Leadership Model of Prophet Muhammad 
Session 2: Stress Management: An Islamic Perspective

February 2020

HWL organised an event together with Professor Dr. Maulana Akbar Shah - Doha College, Curepipe.

December 2019

HWL representative was present for the Muslim World Communities Council held in Abu Dhabi from 7-8 December 2019. 

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IIIT Summer School - Jonannesburg

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Lecture on Medicine of the Prophet

Guest Speaker: Prof Dr Ghufran Ahmad

February 2020

Lecture of Prof. Dr. Akbar Shah on Role of Muslim Women in today’s Society at Ebene Tower, Mauritius on 24/02/2020

February 2020

HWL is organising a FREE workshops on Islamic Sciences, for Islamic Studies Educators and Integration of Knowledge.

21 Dec, 2019

Islamic Art and Calligraphy at IIET

Dr. Huda Totonji with Participants at IIET during Presentation of Islamic Art and Calligraphy, Mauritius

September 14, 2019

Free Seminar 

Cryptocurrency: Halal or Haram?

Maulana Dr. Faisal Manjoo