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6th March 2021

HWL organised an award ceremony at the seat of ICC, Port Louis.


HWL is participating in the Youth Camp at Darul Maarif from 30th of November to 11th of December 2020. Br. Abdurraheem Joomye conducting a workshop on Islamization of Knowledge on 3rd of December 2020

Doha Secondary School, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Human Welfare League at its office situated at Eau Coulee , Curepipe , on the motor way side. The meeting was fixed for 1.30pm.on 15th September 2020.
The Doha schools comprise also a Primary school and the curriculum contains both secular and Islamic subjects. A tertiary section targeting students of Arabic has been added recently.
Doha Secondary School was represented by its Manager, Mr Sadek Ally Polin, holder of a diploma in Arabic and Islamic studies, University of Riad and a diploma in Aeronautic Operational Management, Singapour.
The Human Welfare League was represented by its President, Zaid Ozeer.
Both parties signed the M.O.U. and agreed to collaborate in the field of Islamisation of Knowledge. The Doha administration will help HWL in its Research Grant Programme by encouraging its Staff to participate in research and its students to take part in the Annual Essay Competition organized by HWL. The School staff may also benefit from Training, workshops by visiting professors and even scholarships under the Malaysian programme.
The Doha Secondary School will also support HWL initiatives in producing Educational Packs or Text book in Islamic Studies for Form 1 to 3 and School Certificate.

On 15TH Sept 2020, Dar ul Ma’arif Institute of Education(popularly known as Darul Ma’arif) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Human Welfare League at the school’s office at Octave Adam Street, Eau Coulee, Curepipe. The meeting was scheduled for 11.00 am.
Darul Ma’arif caters for both Primary and Secondary education and its curriculum contains both Islamic and secular subjects. The Institute was represented by its President and Director, Sheikh Cehl Mohammad Fakeemeeah, a graduate in Shari’a from the University of Ummul Qura, Makka, and Mr Saad Buxoo, Finance Officer, holding a Masters in Islamic Finance and Development, Markfield Institute of Higher Education cum Leicestershire University, UK.

On 31st August 2020 The Malaysian Consortium of Education Mauritius (MCEM), signed an M.O.U with Human Welfare League.
MCEM director,Mr Pritesh Bissonauth and Mr Fayaz Doomun, Officer in Charge of Arabic and Islamic Studies Department welcomed HWL President, Zaid Ozeer at MCEM office at Belle Rose, Quatre Bornes. After a short briefing of HWL activities and exchange of views both sides agreed to collaborate for the promotion of Arabic language and Islamic Studies.

MCEM offers its final year of study in Malaysia with its partners, UUM, UMT and UNISZA.
HWL can offer scholarships to qualified students as well as arrange for qualified academics to visit and organize lectures in Arabic and Islamic studies at the MCEM institution.

On 11th July 2020 Y.K. BUSINESS SCHOOL signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Human Welfare League at the seat of the University in Highlands.
Y.K.Business School, an offshoot of Mancosa University and partner of Regent Business Schools, South Africa was represented by its Director Prof. Rechad Jaumally and his collaborators,Sadek Futloo, programme Director, Principal Rashid Phul and Research Director Yasin Sheik Fakir Saheb.
Human Welfare League was represented by Associate Prof. Cader Kalla, Chairman of the Academic Board and its President, Zaid Ozeer.
Both parties agreed to collaborate in the promotion of higher education in the field of research training and publication especially through the Research Grants and scholarships and workshop programmes by visiting Professors, offered by HWL for the empowerment of both Staffs and students of higher learning.

July 2020

Following contacts made by Br Anwar Cara with Dr Abdourazak of Institut Culturel et Social Al-Ghazali( ICSAL-GHAZALI) in early March 2020, a Cooperation Agreement was signed by the President that organization ,Mr Suleman Garda, with the Human Welfare League(HWL) on the 13th March. Subsequently HWL projects of Research Grants ,Book Translation and Conference/workshops were proposed and it was decided to focus on the Research Projects to start with.

The Research Proposals will be published in the papers on the eve of which an interview on satellite tv  MATV  of Canalsat  will be diffused.

Meantime an Academic Committee has been set up and the members are all university teachers including  representatives of the Ministry of Education,  Majunga University and of Antananarivo University. The Academic Committee will vet and choose the best proposals.

Members of the Academic Committee are :

  • Mourad EUSTRASIOU (President Majunga Chamber of Commerce)
  • Dr Abdourazak MDAHOMA (Islamic Preacher & Director of ICSA)
  • Dr Habib NOURALY (Head Xray Dept, Manarapentra Hospital,Majunga,University teacher & member of President’s Office, Majunga University)
  • Mr Todoarivo ( Representative, Ministry of Education)
  • Representative University Antananarivo (to be confirmed)

June 2020

The Human Welfare League ( HWL), has played an important role in the organisation and marketing of this event worldwide. HWL is one of the partners with Caribbean Muslim Network for promote the Masterclass.
We have more than 75 countries worldwide and over 5000 participants. There are over 90 participants from Mauritius alone.
The Master Class has been well attended and an E-Learning platform for the Masterclass allowed participants to add their Comments and impression:

Humaira Tarsoo from Mauritius:
Dr Ahmed Totonji takes a soft approach to leadership and this pushes the listener to try and understand the deeper message rather than focus on individual terms. Some key lessons he talks about were the need for collaboration among Muslims, leading by example, balancing career and volunteering for Islam. In addition, he says that starting small can lead to big changes through a multiplier effect and we should not just do good deeds for those who deserve it, but also for those who do not. That’s how Islam spread and changed people.

February 2020

Anwar Cara, Chairman of HWL, author of two children book. He was giving a lesson on his book “The 5. Pillars of Islam".

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Apr 26-28, 2019

IIIT Conference

Advancing Education in Muslim Societies: Mapping the Terrain

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Jan 12, 2019

Leadership and Management

Session 1: The Leadership Model of Prophet Muhammad 
Session 2: Stress Management: An Islamic Perspective

February 2020

HWL organised an event together with Professor Dr. Maulana Akbar Shah - Doha College, Curepipe.

December 2019

HWL representative was present for the Muslim World Communities Council held in Abu Dhabi from 7-8 December 2019. 

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Aug 31 to 05 Sep, 2019

IIIT Summer School - Jonannesburg

Organised by International Institute of Islamic Thought in collaboration with AWQAF SA IIIT Summer School

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Feb 16, 2019

Lecture on Medicine of the Prophet

Guest Speaker: Prof Dr Ghufran Ahmad

February 2020

Lecture of Prof. Dr. Akbar Shah on Role of Muslim Women in today’s Society at Ebene Tower, Mauritius on 24/02/2020

February 2020

HWL is organising a FREE workshops on Islamic Sciences, for Islamic Studies Educators and Integration of Knowledge.

21 Dec, 2019

Islamic Art and Calligraphy at IIET

Dr. Huda Totonji with Participants at IIET during Presentation of Islamic Art and Calligraphy, Mauritius

September 14, 2019

Free Seminar 

Cryptocurrency: Halal or Haram?

Maulana Dr. Faisal Manjoo