About us


The mission of the Human Welfare League (HWL) is to prepare individuals to assume personal

responsibility and to achieve peace within them and in the society in which they live.

It aims to promote better understanding between individuals and nations, so that people from

different cultures and civilizations may cultivate understanding, cooperation and justice, and

freedom for all.


  • To empower young people to become ambassadors for peace world-wide.
  • To educate the younger generation and provide the necessary tools required to combat

corruption and the negative behavior that leads to the desecration of human beings.

  • To enable young people to bring about transformation of self and society so as to

achieve peace and harmony at a national and global level.

  • To provide moral and financial support to individuals or groups to obtain the necessary

training to bring about positive change in society.

  • To set up a world-wide network for coordination and exchange of expertise in this field.



  • To focus on communication and interaction with individuals of influence in society

that can help in the implementation of the league objectives.

  • To establish a network of communication for the development of interfaith dialogue

for mutual respect and peace.

  • To observe a rigorously non-political position.
  • To focus on the identification of the noble image of good behavior and the rejection

of all forms of extremism.

  • To publish books that will bring a better understanding between individuals and


  • To engage in the field of Education and Training.
  • To encourage research in the field of social science to achieve a better understanding

of one another.