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On Thursday 4th August 2021, The President of Human Welfare League was welcomed by the Lord

Mayor of Port Louis, His Lordship Mahfouz Moussa Cader Saib. During that meeting a series of 6

books were offered to the Municipal Library

These books which are summaries of voluminous books written by contemporary Muslim scholars

will make it easier for readers and researchers to grasp subjects which are relevant and of high

interest in the media today. They will surely constitute an asset for public libraries.

The webinar on “The Future of Islamic Finance” was organised by Human Welfare League and Honoris Educational Network in Mauritius. Our guest speaker was Dr. Salma Sairally,

Consultant , International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance. (ISRA)

There were more than 160 registration and we had participants from Philipines, Africa, UK , Mauritius , Nigeria and Suriname.

For Further details contact us by email info.humanwelfareleague@gmail.com

Our Blog

  Our aim is to encourage everyone to acquire the best knowledge in their field of interest


We invite scholars and researcher to contribute on Islam in Mauritian Context.

Sabatical Grant Available on approval of your research. Please contact us for more details

Award Ceremony

Research Grant Awards Ceremony at ICC, Port Louis


Leadership Development an Islamic Perspective by Prof. Dr. Rafick Beekun, Professor of Management and Strategy, University of Nevada, USA.

Extra Curricular activity

Anwar Cara, Chairman of HWL, author of two children book. He was giving a lesson on his book “The 5. Pillars of Islam".

FREE Workshops

HWL is organising FREE workshops on:

  • Islamic Sciences
  • Islamic Studies Educators
  • Integration of Knowledge

The World Muslim Communities Council

HWL representative was present for this council held in Abu Dhabi from 7-8 December 2019. 

IIIT Summer School 2019 in Johannesburg

HWL has sponsored 2 participants for the 3rd consecutive year to attend this advanced six-day Course on Contemporary Islamic Thought and Epistemological Integration. The topics range from Quranic Worldview, Hadith, the Space Time Dimension, Sharia  Law, Islamic Medical Jurisprudence to Muslim history and civilisation.

The President of Human Welfare League, Zaid Ozeer, visit to Commores in November 2019 visit to Comores Island

In November 2019, HWL organised a visit to Comores Island.Multiple visits were on planning in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research.

Launch of AEMS

Advancing Education in Muslim Societies ( AEMS) held its first meeting with Shehir University, in Istanbul from 25-to 29 April 2019.

Associate Prof. Cader Kalla and Dr. Jabeen Soobratty Cordinator of AEMS , Mauritius represented HWL at the meeting.


We produce quality books on Islam in french